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An Intelligent Rug That Detects When You Fall And Calls For Help

SensFloor, a large-area sensor system, is based on a textile underlay with a thickness of only 2mm. The sensor system has four integrated radio modules and 32 proximity sensors per square meter. Whenever a person walks across the floor, sensor signals are sent to a control unit and various different types of events are identified: The sensor system differentiates between a person standing or lying on the floor and determines the direction and velocity of movements. Static signal detection and self-test capability are important features for security applications. 

SensFloor switches lights, controls automatic doors, and detects unauthorised intrusion. In health care, SensFloor detects patients leaving their beds or their rooms and transmits alarm signals through indoor call systems or radio components. For high-security applicationslike access control in combination with RFID, SensFloor can count individual people

SensFloor can be installed beneath PVC, carpet, and laminate. 

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